It should have been called the BC “E-Bike” Show 2020 Vancouver

It’s been almost 10 years of being in the biz. We were one of the first ebike exhibitors at the BC Bike Show. In the beginning, the most asked questions at the show were “what is an ebike?”, “isn’t that cheating?”, and “for that money, I could buy a car!”. Today, consumers are a lot more educated in the ebike technology and finally, they understand the value a little bit more.

One customer came to my booth today and said “I came to the bike show to buy a regular bike, but there aren’t any!!” The world of biking is becoming more electric every day. I love it. I love it when I tell customers that we were the first pioneers of high power mid-drive ebikes with both throttle on demand and pedal assist functions. I love it when I tell them that I’m the owner of the company. I love it when I get to say that our proprietary motor is designed and patented by my dad. I love eProdigy Bikes.

I am so proud of what my dad has made. He’s the brain, engineer and artist behind our products. I just get to go to shows to talk about how great my dad is. Life’s awesome here.

Whatever your checklist is for ebikes, we have you covered. Carbon belt drive, internal gears, step-thru, discreet, mid-drive, throttle, big battery, and good price to name a few. We are the Bee’s Knees of ebikes, please come see for yourself when you’re in Vancouver, Canada. Rent an eProdigy ebike and experience the fun first hand at Bee’s Knees Rentals!

2020 Bikes, Babies and Bees

Hello World! It’s been way too long. I miss writing blogs and talking about my ebike life. Here’s me in a nut shell:

I am a mom of 3 that owns an ebike brand called eProdigy Bikes. My father designed and patented the high torque unique electric motor system on our bikes. eProdigy is truly a family business from maker to market.

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 3.29.08 AM

In addition to making and selling a great bike product, we also rent out our ebike line in Beautiful British Columbia and offer ebike tours for anyone looking for a fun and easy activity. Our ebike rental shop is called Bee’s Knees eBike Tours and Rentals

Logo for HomepageScreen Shot 2020-01-08 at 3.11.19 AM

A lot has happened in the past few years; from a new ebike model called Magic Pro to opening up Bee’s Knees, and not to mention more babies! I now have 3 of them. It’s a full house but full of love. I have to juggle my bike business with my babies all the time. There is never enough time for everything. I am hoping to find time to post on my blog more and share my stories. I’d like to continue motivating people to try an electric bike for fun or for commuting. Also, by writing my thoughts out, it helps me to put things in perspective for my bike business and my baby life. I hope you enjoy the read and my posts.

Here’s the truth, I haven’t ridden in ages, almost a year! 2020 is a new decade with new goals and dreams. This year, I intend to get back on an ebike and travel everywhere with my babies. School drop off/pick up with an ebike to avoid all kinds of bad traffic during rush hour, I can’t wait to show you. New bike routes, bike models, and possibly weight-loss-by-bike stories to share. Now, if you’re planning a trip to Vancouver, Canada, be sure to try our ebikes at Bee’s Knees. Buzzing around town on our ebikes is fun, fast, and easy.



eBikes for Working Moms

It’s not easy being a working mom. I miss a lot of special moments with my kids as they grow up, and they grow up in a blink of an eye! I am also breastfeeding my infant so organizing milk supply can be stressful at times. I worry that my milk supply will diminish as I go back to work, so I am pumping as much as I can at home and on my lunch break at work. Even for that measly half or 1 once, I’m pumping it out!


Sometimes people don’t realize that along with pumping, there is all the washing and sanitizing bottles and pump parts. My day consists of feeding, pumping, cleaning, bagging milk, and repeat about 2-3 times a day. It’s all worth it though.

With only 1 car between my husband and I, we decided that it’s best to leave the car at home in case my husband needs to go somewhere with our toddler and baby. Commute by car is actually not ideal. I work in Richmond 4 days a week, and I have to cross a bridge. The traffic congestion in Vancouver, especially the bridge traffic to and from Richmond, is getting unbearable during rush hours. If I’m lucky, I only have to line up 10 minutes just to get to the bridge deck, but if I merge to the bridge traffic at the wrong time, I could be in line for over 25 minutes just to get across. If there was no traffic, it only takes a few minutes to cross the same bridge but only in my dreams. 😛

Other commute choices would be either public transportation or bike. I could take the skytrain and bus but I don’t like dealing with this:

It’s worst than car traffic! So, that leaves me with biking and I get to enjoy this:


Now, there is nothing wrong with riding a regular bicycle. I just don’t have the fitness level or mindset to conquer hills so soon after giving birth. It’s only been 2 months since the birth of my second child, so I’m not ready to sweat profusely just yet but I am ready to ride a bike. That’s why I choose an electric bike!

With an ebike, I can cycle with peace of mind that my body won’t hurt afterwards. I can still pedal and control the level of assist so I can ease myself back into shape. Riding an ebike is also the fasting commute option for me. I can get to work in about 20 minutes. It’s about the same amount of time by car in ideal traffic conditions, but without the added road rage. I have my own lane to cruise, and I bypass all the congestion.


I take designated bike lane routes, so when I come to an intersection, I even get to control the traffic lights and vehicles have to stop for me. For a working mom, efficiency and comfort is so important. With my eProdigy ebike, I get to go home to my family faster than any other modes of transportation. I carry my milk in my backpack and I race home to kiss my babies. The road is open for me and all hills are welcomed.

eBiking After Newborn Baby

I recently gave birth to my second child in March by cesarean. I waited almost 2 months before getting back on my ebike. I wasn’t sure how I would do or if I would be sore during or after my ride. My first ride back was on my commute home from work. I work at a local bike shop in downtown Vancouver and I live about 10km from the store, basically all uphill.IMG_6219To my surprise and relief, I felt awesome riding my ebike! I don’t think I could say the same if I were to ride a regular bicycle. At my current new mother shape, I wouldn’t dare ride uphill on a non-electric bike. Luckily, I don’t have to. I’m never ashamed to ride an ebike, in fact, I feel proud and confident. When I pass other bikers on hills, I definitely sense that they disapprove or give me looks. But I don’t care. They don’t know my situation and I want to hurry home to feed my newborn baby.  My 10km uphill ride only took me 25mins. Not bad for a new mom 😉IMG_6220IMG_6221

My First Commute in 2016. 

The weather in Vancouver has finally cleared up and warmed up. I probably could have started riding earlier this year but it’s been raincouver season and I’m perfectly fine to be a fair weather rider, even on an electric bike. 🤗

Today is an awesome day for biking. Spring has sprung with cherry blossoms lining the streets. Saturday farmer’s markets are open for business and the neighbours are filled with families playing outdoors. My commute to work this morning was incredibly enjoyable. 

I was bad and didn’t charge my battery for over 3 months so I was riding with a very low charge battery. I decided to ride with no power on flats or down hills and boost it to level 5 assist on an incline of any kind. The battery lasted me to work…whew!

My starting odometer reading for 2016 is 3,375 km. Let’s see how far I go this year!! Stayed tuned 🙂


Bike the Bridge

Today, my friend and I checked out a new improvement to the bike lanes leading up to the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver, Birtish Columbia. The city did a great job adding railings to allow safe and easy passage through Stanley Park. Knowing that biking is accessible really gives me the drive to commute by bike more. Especially with eProdigy Bikes, it’s basically a no brainer. Getting to and from the north shore has never been this simple. No more bridge traffic? Uh yes, please!! We never broke a sweat and kept at a comfortable pace. It was actually relaxing, even in at bit of rain. We’ll be back again often on this new and improved route. Hooray for bike lanes and ebikes!!




Test riding a 48V 11Ah 555Wh battery on a 2016 Whistler model

I am a lucky girl this winter. It’s still warm enough to ride a bike in Vancouver and I had a wonderful opportunity to test ride a 2016 eProdigy Whistler model with a much larger battery which offered a lot more noticeable power. I rode it to work last week and it was amazing. The bike had lots of upgraded components like better brakes, wider handlebars, and even more mechanical gears. I could go much further on a larger battery and reach my top speed a lot faster than using a 36V battery. The power from the bike is more instant and extra responsive. A larger capacity battery can surely enhance the ebike experience!



Night Rides 

When it’s dark at night, all I think about on my bike is to get home as quickly as possible. Night riding is a completely different ball game. You have to be extra alert and aware of all surroundings. Cars don’t see you even when you are lit up and cars drive particular faster at night for some reason. Thank goodness for my eProdigy electric bike because I cruise up hills like nobody’s business and I can get home a lot faster. I feel much safer riding an ebike at night!  


New phone, new post!

I recently got a new iPhone and it’s awesome. It’s so fast and my camera is really good. I think I will definitely be blogging more. I can use my phone and following my baby around, that’s how efficient this phone is.


My phone is as efficient as my electric bike! So efficient that I can stop to take a photo and not cause a traffic congestion. Quick and simple, no hassle. I love commuting on my eProdigy ebike. 



My commute is the best part of my day!

I don’t think many people would say the same, but my commute is the best part of my day. I get to be free and go on roads that cars cannot travel on. At intersections, I control the crosswalk light and there is absolutely no traffic congestion to deal with. I listen to my favourite tunes on a mini speaker and I just get to enjoy my ride. I still obey the laws of the road and I’m extra conscious of traffic around me, but I don’t get the same kind of road rage that I would if I was to drive a vehicle. There is just something better about riding a bicycle. It must be the good blood flow that runs through you when you cycle. I love it! Can’t wait to ride to work again.