My First Commute in 2016. 

The weather in Vancouver has finally cleared up and warmed up. I probably could have started riding earlier this year but it’s been raincouver season and I’m perfectly fine to be a fair weather rider, even on an electric bike. 🤗

Today is an awesome day for biking. Spring has sprung with cherry blossoms lining the streets. Saturday farmer’s markets are open for business and the neighbours are filled with families playing outdoors. My commute to work this morning was incredibly enjoyable. 

I was bad and didn’t charge my battery for over 3 months so I was riding with a very low charge battery. I decided to ride with no power on flats or down hills and boost it to level 5 assist on an incline of any kind. The battery lasted me to work…whew!

My starting odometer reading for 2016 is 3,375 km. Let’s see how far I go this year!! Stayed tuned 🙂


Bike the Bridge

Today, my friend and I checked out a new improvement to the bike lanes leading up to the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver, Birtish Columbia. The city did a great job adding railings to allow safe and easy passage through Stanley Park. Knowing that biking is accessible really gives me the drive to commute by bike more. Especially with eProdigy Bikes, it’s basically a no brainer. Getting to and from the north shore has never been this simple. No more bridge traffic? Uh yes, please!! We never broke a sweat and kept at a comfortable pace. It was actually relaxing, even in at bit of rain. We’ll be back again often on this new and improved route. Hooray for bike lanes and ebikes!!




Test riding a 48V 11Ah 555Wh battery on a 2016 Whistler model

I am a lucky girl this winter. It’s still warm enough to ride a bike in Vancouver and I had a wonderful opportunity to test ride a 2016 eProdigy Whistler model with a much larger battery which offered a lot more noticeable power. I rode it to work last week and it was amazing. The bike had lots of upgraded components like better brakes, wider handlebars, and even more mechanical gears. I could go much further on a larger battery and reach my top speed a lot faster than using a 36V battery. The power from the bike is more instant and extra responsive. A larger capacity battery can surely enhance the ebike experience!



Night Rides 

When it’s dark at night, all I think about on my bike is to get home as quickly as possible. Night riding is a completely different ball game. You have to be extra alert and aware of all surroundings. Cars don’t see you even when you are lit up and cars drive particular faster at night for some reason. Thank goodness for my eProdigy electric bike because I cruise up hills like nobody’s business and I can get home a lot faster. I feel much safer riding an ebike at night!  


New phone, new post!

I recently got a new iPhone and it’s awesome. It’s so fast and my camera is really good. I think I will definitely be blogging more. I can use my phone and following my baby around, that’s how efficient this phone is.


My phone is as efficient as my electric bike! So efficient that I can stop to take a photo and not cause a traffic congestion. Quick and simple, no hassle. I love commuting on my eProdigy ebike. 



My commute is the best part of my day!

I don’t think many people would say the same, but my commute is the best part of my day. I get to be free and go on roads that cars cannot travel on. At intersections, I control the crosswalk light and there is absolutely no traffic congestion to deal with. I listen to my favourite tunes on a mini speaker and I just get to enjoy my ride. I still obey the laws of the road and I’m extra conscious of traffic around me, but I don’t get the same kind of road rage that I would if I was to drive a vehicle. There is just something better about riding a bicycle. It must be the good blood flow that runs through you when you cycle. I love it! Can’t wait to ride to work again. 


June is Bike Month

It’s been a very busy summer for ebikes this year. I’m happy to see so many people accepting and loving eBikes! I love taking about them and sharing my ebike experiences. In late May, we participated in a Bike to Work Week Share the Road Challenge. Our ebike commuter won with flying colours. At the same event, we met Mayor Gregor Robertson who is an avid cyclist and he seems pretty impressed with ebikes these days. It’s definitely going to be the future. Have you tried an electric bicycle yet? You may just fall in love. 


My eBike knows no traffic

One of the reasons why I love riding my eProdigy electric bike is that I never have to wait in traffic. Getting to and from work is a lot less stressful. I can cruise by all kinds of gridlock traffic and it feels awesome!  



Biking Buddies

It’s so much fun to bike with friends, especially when we are all riding electric bikes. Nobody falls behind, and we can all travel in the same pace no matter our fitness levels. It doesn’t matter which route we take or the number of hills we encounter. Everyone can enjoy the cruise together and it’s just awesome to remove barriers with these eProdigy Bikes! 


BC Parkway via Metrotown

A few weeks ago, I had to run some errands in Burnaby BC, so I decided to ride my eProdigy bike. It was my first time riding as far East as Burnaby so all the bike routes were new to me. I was extremely delighted to find BC Parkway that took me from Boundary all the way to Edmonds via Metrotown. It was an incredible peaceful ride with absolutely no cars to ride along with. It was like a private bike pathway that is just a direct path through Burnaby. Love this path!